Gym class heroes and neon hitch dating

12-Jan-2018 18:56

"I really don't want to say her name, but she's not with us anymore," the singer said, calling the mystery woman "the most beautiful human being I've ever met." "She introduced me to ... "She's not with us now, but she's looking down upon us." Although the description suspiciously fits the profile of a certain former roommate, who invited Hitch to live with her when the younger singer was homeless, a source says the musicians never had a physical relationship. But he started it, and then me, Claude Kelley, and Benny got in the studio, and we were like, "Yo, this song could really work for me." So we formed it into the Neon style.Hitch currently sports a tattoo of the name "Amy" on her finger, in memory of her late friend. In a chat with me after the show, parts of which which ran in the (I freelance for that paper), she disclosed that she is bisexual and has walked in on her mother with another lady.

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Sometimes, the threshold is engineered or handled poorly.

Red-haired songstress Neon Hitch plays the love interest of Travie in the clip, which was filmed while the group was on tour in Europe.