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08-Aug-2017 09:04

Prior convictions dating back 30 yrs, charges include- rape/ abduction/ child stealing/ victims also include girls aged 10, 13, 15 yrs old.

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"It remains every womans greatest fear that she may be attacked by a stranger while alone," she said.

Mr Highland said Tally then contacted the Bundaberg Police Station to ask how to go about seeking permission.

"My client prior to this matter has complied in every respect in relation to his obligations under the act," he said. so it's not simply a name he's picked out of the air." Mr Highland said his client planned to move interstate because he had been offered a job as the assistant manager of a bowling alley.

"General deterrence is of considerable importance in a case such as this.

"By my sentence of you, I must seek to deter other men who think that they can prey upon women for their sexual gratification as if they had a right to do so." Judge Sexton said Taupins explanation to police after his arrest that he was lonely was pathetic.The victim used all her wavering strength to fight off her attacker before being raped.