Dating a scorpio

28-Dec-2017 23:41

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Scorpio men are very private with their personal lives, but that does not mean they are not interested with yours.

Guys under the star of Scorpio will only talk about their private lives to a person they trust, but they love to know everything about you.

Male Scorpios are the most intense among astrological signs, so you have to be sensitive with their needs.

If you’ve been dating your man for some time now, going to bed with him is one of his needs.

So much passion, so much intensity and so much secrecy. They may have some control issues and maybe even be a little secretive but one thing you will never have to question is their love and desire for you.Dating a Scorpio man can be quite a challenge so it could be helpful to check if your zodiac signs are a match.It is said that the most compatible signs for Scorpio are Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces.They draw you in like a super turbo charged magnet and hold you there until you can’t take much more. They are passionately and truly devoted to you, and your well being.

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Their sexual charm is through the roof so if it’s hot steamy sex you want, you got the right sign. If you want to try anyway, expect intensity and fireworks. What other things should you know ab out these commanding type personalities and signs? They admire an upfront and down to earth person as that is who they are. Scorpios are not generally compatible with water or air signs so if this is you, dater beware.If you are dating a Scorpio man, expect that your guy is really good in bed, but don’t get too excited because getting too attached with him after having sex will only confuse you.

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